SC Works Upstate Now Offering VR for Career Exploration, Employee Training

Wednesday, March 6, 2019 3:30 pm

SC Works Greater Upstate will now offer immersion into potential career paths via virtual reality to job seekers and youth via the Oculus VR experience. As multiple industries continue to struggle to engage with students and parents to promote viable career opportunities available within the region, virtual reality offers immersion without the challenges of logistics to get students and parents out to visit company work sites. Additionally, virtual reality offers a creative and fun experience for students, that may not be available to them elsewhere.

Operation Educate, Spartanburg County reentry program at the Spartanburg County Detention Center, focuses on preparing individuals for careers in manufacturing. The program uses virtual reality technology to train, offering immersive experiences in a manufacturing environment. The technology allows participants to apply/practice methodologies learned in the classroom setting. Many of the participants have never been in a manufacturing facility. The exposure makes them more comfortable and more likely to seek employment in this in demand sector.

SC Works business solutions team members are also working with local industry to identify opportunities to provide employee training through virtual reality. Virtual Reality training offers realistic workplace experiences and allows employees to take risks. Immersive technology also allows for on-the-job training without downtime for the company or danger to the employee and co-workers. Immersive experiences may range from company tours, understanding PPE, and operating work related equipment.

Anyone interested in learning more about virtual reality should contacts Ms. Crosby for more information.

Ms. Johnnie-Lynn Crosby, SC Works Regional Director of Business Solutions, at or 864.764.1983, TTY 711.

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