About Us
OneSpartanburg, Inc.

Business Affairs

Our business development team serves as the leading voice of business and provides valuable resources to local businesses, big and small.

The business development team serves as leaders in the development, attraction, and retention of talent in Spartanburg. This includes leadership development programs designed to equip our community's future decision-makers.

Advocating for pro-business legislation and offering members access to elected officials is a key responsibility of our business development team as they work with community partners to foster a climate conducive to economic development.

Business development staff also organizes and hosts programs that offer networking, education, and professional development opportunities to members.

Economic Development

Our economic development team leads countywide economic development efforts in order to attract jobs and ensure a prosperous future. We serve as the economic development organization for Spartanburg County, South Carolina and its municipalities.

Our core focuses are industrial development, corporate development, downtown development and existing industries.

The economic development team has recruited more than $6 billion in capital investment to Spartanburg County over the last 10 years, creating 14,888 jobs during that time. That equates to $13.2 million in countywide investment per week, every week, for a decade.

Formerly known as the Economic Futures Group, our economic development team has earned national accolades for job-recruitment, economic development strategy, project scope, and results.

Tourism Development

We serve as the official destination marketing organization for the City and County of Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Our tourism development team promotes Spartanburg as a destination for visitors, sports tournaments, meetings and events, and serves as the official point of contact for these efforts. Staff assists groups with site selection, accommodations, meeting preparation, and markets the region to travelers to increase overnight visitation and spending.

Official tourism publications are developed by our tourism development team, as are advertising and social media campaigns designed to attract visitors who will stay longer and spend more.

Staff administers an official Tourism Information Center at the OneSpartanburg, Inc. offices at 105 N. Pine St. in Spartanburg.


The OneSpartanburg Vision Plan is a five-year community and economic development strategy designed to raise levels of prosperity and improve quality of life for all Spartanburg County residents. 

There are four key drivers linked to this goal: Talent, Economy, Image, Place. The plan consists of eight objectives, 42 strategic recommendations, and 173 tactical recommendations. 


The City of Spartanburg and OneSpartanburg, Inc. work in unison to attract companies that support high-paying jobs, to expand downtown restaurant and retail options, and to build a complete data set of every property and parcel downtown to understand the unique characteristics, challenges and advantages of each one. By building a pipeline of potential investors, developers, businesses and residents looking for downtown environments, the value and quality of life in Downtown Spartanburg will improve.