Your Guide to
Small Business Success

Make the most of your membership with these resources and benefits just for small businesses like yours.

The Right Resources

Spartanburg SBDC

The Spartanburg Area Small Business Development Center sets up shop right here at OneSpartanburg, Inc. each month, working to advance area economic development by helping entrepreneurs grow small businesses. Schedule an appointment for assistance building a business plan, accessing capital or solving a problem.

Downtown Business Guide

You won't find a friendlier downtown. We're ready to help you find the right spot and fit right in. Download the guide below or drop us a line. We look forward to talking to you.

Business Resource Hub

Got a basic business question? Our Business Resource Hub answers FAQs on data, finance, legal and licensing. 


Small Business Success Awards

We believe successful small businesses should be recognized. Small Business Success Awards, presented by Truist, are awarded to businesses that show staying power, growth, innovation, involvement and response to adversity.


We know small businesses need customers. SpartanBucks is a digital gift card program designed to drive customers to local businesses in order to keep spending local.

The Right Relationships

Area Councils

get engaged through our area councils

Business Development Groups

Gain leads through our Business Development Groups,and grow your network through our relationship building events.

Signature Events

and grow your network through our relationship building events

...And Lots More

The Skills You Need

We host quarterly workshops for small businesses, so you can learn the skills you need to succeed. Workshops cover everything from human resources and labor law to marketing and best practices on social media. You can bring questions, we’ll bring the experts.

The Perks You Want

From healthcare to office supplies, we’re always working to help our members reduce the costs of business