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Membership is based on a tiered structure that allows prospective members to choose the benefits and level of investment they desire. Choose from Initiator, Builder, or Leader to get started.

Choose a Level


Ranging from $400 to $675, our Initiator membership is designed for startups and small businesses. It offers benefits such as networking, a directory listing and ribbon cutting availability.


Ranging from $1,295 to $2,495, our Builder membership is designed for growing businesses. It offers benefits such as the ability to list multiple locations and discounts on event and program sponsorships.


Ranging from $5,250 to $11,495, our Leader membership is designed for established businesses and corporations. It offers benefits such as exposure to our Executive Board, credits toward Leadership Spartanburg participation and additional contact with other members.

maximize Your membership


Our signature programs and events offer many opportunities to make new connections, learn new skills, and  sharpen your knowledge.


Have your say in what we do and make an impact on your industry by joining a committee or council.


Promote your business by sharing news, participating in programs and purchasing sponsorships.

Group Health Plans

Health care is expensive. Even worse, many members tell us they may go without insurance because of the high cost of premiums. To resolve this challenge, we offer member-only health care alternatives. These plan designs allow you to balance premium cost with quality benefits. Request a quote online or call BlueCross BlueShield at 864-517-6380.

Office Supply Discounts

GOS has created an exclusive savings program for our members. See tangible savings, receive free next-day delivery, and receive a report analyzing your company's order patterns. On average, participants save $550 per year.

Create an account or email List OneSpartanburg, Inc. as your GOS account representative.

Member-2-Member Discounts

Take advantage of discounts on products and services in a range of categories, including arts and entertainment, restaurants, transportation and business services - all provided by Chamber members. Add your own Member-2-Member discounts now.